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Rare Mythology Books Rare & Antiquarian Books

If you are passionate about mythology, you should definitely peruse the rare mythology books section of the Biblio Rare Book Room. There are some truly remarkable rare mythology books available, and many of them come complete with gorgeous illustrations and ornate, unusual bindings. There is a wide variety of topics explored in the rare mythology books section of the Biblio Rare Book Room, and any of these books would surely increase the value of your rare and antique book collection.

De monstris et Monstrosis, quam Mirabilis, Bonus et Iustus in Mundo Administrando, sit Deus, Monstrantibus by Stengel, Georg

Ingolstadt: Gregorium Haenlin, Sumtu Ioannis Wagneri, 1647. Hardcover. Very Good/No Jacket. 8vo. Bound in full vellum with yapp edges. Two paper labels hand lettered, plus faded early hand lettering on spine. Remnants of ties on front and rear covers. [...

From Minotavros Books


Sibyllinorum Oraculorum Libri VIII - [Sibylline Oracles, Book Eight] by Castellio, Sebastian (Translator)

Joannes Oporinis, Basil. Good. 1555. First Edition: First Printing. Hard Cover. 011166: Boards now protected by a new Brodart Archival Mylar Cover. Text is in Greek and Latin Languages on facing pages, with woodcut initials on beginning pages. Boards ...



Le imagini de i dei de gli antichi nelle quali si contengono gl'idoli, riti, ceremonie, & altre cose appartenenti alla religione de gli antichi by Cartari, Vincenzo

First ILLUSTRATED edition. Very good copy. Very scarce Valgrisi edition. Complete [36], 566 [i. e. 560] pp. 88 full-page engraved copperplates. Ex libris. Few contemporary marks/annotations. ...

From Caelestica Rare Books


Homeri Ilias…Odyssea Graece et Latine by HOMER

1729 1st ed Homer ODYSSEY & ILIAD Greek Mythology Samuel Clarke Latin Greek 4v "Hateful to me as the gates of Hades is that man who hides one thing in his heart and speaks another." ― Homer, The Iliad A very rare 18th-century edition of Homer, the ...

From Schilb Antiquarian Rare Books


Aesopi phrygis fabellæ : Graece et Latine, cum alijs opusculis, quorum index proxima refertur pagella by AESOP

1561 Aesop's Fables Greek Mythology Planudes Life of AESOP Homer Latin & Greek "A doubtful friend is worse than a certain enemy. Let a man be one thing or the other, and we then know how to meet him." ― Aesop, Aesop's Fables Aesop's fables have been ...

From Schilb Antiquarian Rare Books


Le metamorfosi di Ovidio, ridotte da Gio. Andrea dall' Angvillara in ottaua rima, di nuouo dal proprio auttore riuedut, & corrette by OVID, P Naso

1572 Metamorphoses of OVID Roman Greek Mythology Anguillara Orologi Woodcuts "I grabbed a pile of dust, and holding it up, foolishly asked for as many birthdays as the grains of dust, I forgot to ask that they be years of youth." ― Ovid, Metamorphoses ...

From Schilb Antiquarian Rare Books



1581. CONTI, Natale. MYTHOLOGIAE, sive Explicationum Fabularum Libri X. In quibus omnia prope Naturalis & Moralis Philosophia dogmata contenta fuisse demonstantur. Nuper ab ipso autore pluribus sexcentis locis aucti & locupletati... Quibus acced...

From Boston Book Company


Natalis Comitis Mythologiae Sive Explicationum Fabularum Libri Decem. In Quibus Omnia Prope Naturalis et Moralis Philosophiae Dogmata in Veterum Fabulis Contenta Fuisse Perspicue Demonstratur.. by Conti, Natale

Padua: Petrumpaulum Tozzium [Pierpaolo Tozzi], 1616. First Thus. Hard Cover. Very Good. 4to. [...Opus Cuiusuis Facultatis Studiosis Perutile Ac Propre Necessarium. Accessit G. Linocerii Musarum Mytholgia, & anonymi observationum in tota de diis gentium ...

From Minotavros Books


Mythologiae sive explicationis Fabularum Libri Decem, inquibus omnia prope Naturalis et Moralis philosophiae dogmata in veterum fabulis contenta fuisse perspicue demonstrator: Oput cuissuis facultatis studiosis perutile ac prope necessarium. by Conti, Natale [Natalis Comitis; Natalis Comes]

First illustrated edition. Patavii, apud Petrumpaulum Tozzium. Extypographeio Laurentij Pasquati. 1616. [Imprim. Typographum Cameralem. 1615. Patauij ex Typographia Camer. 1616] Small Quarto. Title page in red and black, (5), (5) Catalogus, (28) Index, 61...

From Paul Haynes Rare Books


Funerali antichi di diuersi popoli, et nationi; forma, ordine, et pompa di sepolture, di essequie, di consecrationi antiche et d'altro, descritti in dialogo da Thomaso Porcacchj da Castiglione Arretino. Con le figure in rame di Girolamo Porro padouano. by PORCACCHI, Tommaso

1591 Funeral Rites Torture Human SacrificeIllustrated Funerali Antichi Porcacchi Tommaso Porcacchi was a 16th-century Italian scholar who is known primarily for his landmark work on funeral customs and practices. First published in 1574, "Funerali Antich...

From Schilb Antiquarian Rare Books


De veteribus Aegyptiorum ritibus. Auctore Joanne Baptista Casalio Romano. by CASALI, Giovanni Battista

1644 Ancient EGYPT Occult Worship Casali Hieroglyphics Rituals Sphinx Scarab'De Veteribus Aegyptiorum Ritibus' is a rare and important historical account of Egyptian idol worship by Italian scholar Giovanni Battista Casali. Casali focuses on all aspects o...

From Schilb Antiquarian Rare Books


[various mythology novels] by [various]

1912 Myths & Legends Fantasy Celtic Britain KNIGHTS Chivalry Occult Teutons 6v A fascinating and beautiful collection of early 20th-century books of mythology, legends, and chivalry! These books tell of legendary traditions in Great Britain, classic myth...

From Schilb Antiquarian Rare Books


Le Antichita di Ercolano by Tomasso Piroli

Set of first three volumes on frescos or wall paintings from the 6-volume set of Piroli's iconography of items from the ancient cities of Herculaneum, Stabia and Pompeii unearthed in the mid-18th century. Later volumes covered bronze statues and busts (Vo...

From Florilegius


Natalis Comitis mythologiae, sive explicationis fabvlarvm, Libri decem: ...Nuper ab ipso autore recogniti & locupletati eivsdem libri IIII. de Venatione... addita Mythologia mvsarvm a Geofredo Linocerio uno libello... by CONTI, Natalis

1584 1ed FAMOUS Classical Mythology Mythologiae Comes Greek & Roman Esoteric Natalis Comes (Conti) was a 16th-century Italian humanist who is best, and mostly, remembered for his highly influential book 'Mythologiae'. This work became the standard sourc...

From Schilb Antiquarian Rare Books


La geneologia de gli dei gentili di M. Giovanni Boccaccio con la spositione de sensi allegorici delle fauole & con la dichiaratione dell' histori appartenenti a detta materia by BOCCACCIO, Giovanni

1581 1ed Boccaccio Genealogy of the GODS Roman Mythology Betussi Italian Zoppini "Human it is to have compassion on the unhappy" ― Giovanni Boccaccio Giovanni Boccaccio was a 14th-century Italian poet and important humanist during the Renaissance. In...

From Schilb Antiquarian Rare Books


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